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released January 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Canto Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: I'll Never Know
all colors fade
and blast it all
if i die today
i’ll never sip gatorade again
colored sweat, no shade
i’ve been played
no pain all the same
but what did i gain?
i suppose i’ll never know
why would i jot down
another dot of this law
not one iota will last
and i’m ok with that
or not
i suppose that i’ll never know
when all is said and done i’ll still be free
get behind me
when all is said and done i’ll still be free
you can’t catch me
Track Name: Violence
young lungs distend
all wits at end
it’s haunting
when did i forget where i’m going?
torn limbs won’t mend
i can’t pretend
i’m sorry
but your wound is too deep
now just go to sleep
get to shore safely man
and hit your promised land
quickly before this is over
systoles repeating
my hands have no feeling
got nothing to give anymore
a sudden flood reminds me what you said before
you struck a chord with me
now i’m shoulder deep
and soon i’ll drown
Track Name: Sad Dream
oh coup de grace
i find myself outside the law
for every happy dream
a hundred sad
i can’t forget what i saw
so i sleep it off
and i’m going to slip into a sad dream
row in oil black sea
where all my friends betray me
and when all of my teeth crumbled out of my mouth, i can’t believe
i just hadn’t quite realized that i had slipped into a sad dream
with vivid color schemes
trying to figure what it means
with the kind of kindness that kicks
and the sort of sadness that hangs on
now my body is starting to wake
but i’m still trying to hang on
Track Name: Say It Out Loud
say it, say it out loud
say it, say it right now
i know you want to
i feel the room
(vibrations will tell)
so say it out loud
say it, say it now
overwhelmed by the tune
it’s the perfect time for you
after all this time and you won’t say it out loud
you won’t fucking say it out loud